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Custom Creations with Tori

Capture the creativity of your child with
the flourish of a professional artist

KiD ART owner Tori Pendergrass is a classically trained professional

artist, affectionally known to students and parents alike as "Ms. Tori."

For over 20 years, Tori has dedicated her life to sharing her passion for

art and its process with students of all ages. This collaborative art piece

created by your child(ren) will be a modern heirloom that you will proudly and lovingly display in your home. If "a picture is worth a thousand words," this piece will be worthy of a thousand conversations.


While aimed at engaging children in the creative process, this experience involves the whole family. Parents choose their preferred stretched canvas size and color palette and provide sources of inspiration. After establishing the creative vision, Tori mixes the custom colors and spends a Sunday afternoon leading your child(ren) through the explorative process, from composition to color choice, using a range of materials to create their abstract masterpiece. After the paint dries, Tori makes any necessary final touches, then glazes it so it may be delivered to your home.

This custom art piece is a meaningful gift for any occasion, especially for grandparents, anniversaries or decorating a new home.

Sizes & Pricing:

2x2    $500

2x3    $600

3x3    $700

3x4    $800

4x4    $900

4x5    $1,000

* Pricing includes creative conception, all materials and studio time with private one-on-one instruction.

** Please note, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation. The final price of the painting is based on canvas size  and not the number of children participating.


*** Delivery and installation is an optional add on and not included in the pricing above.

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