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                                     Kid Art Policies



Please respect our teachers’ preparation time between classes. DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD MORE THAN 5 MINUTES BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS. A $1.00 per minute early/late fee will be charged.

During drop-off please find a legal parking space.
Do not block the alley or leave your car unattended...even for a second.
Walk your artist to our brightly colored doorway & our teachers will be happy to welcome you.
Be sure to enjoy the charming shops of Snider Plaza.

If you arrive early for pick-up, please find a legal parking space or drive around the block.
Once the children are outside, you may pick up your artist!



Cancellation policy

No refunds will be given.


Code of Conduct


At KidArt we strive to create a safe, respectful learning environment in which to honor and guide each child’s creative process. To that end, we have established the following Rules of Conduct. Parents, please discuss with your child that our expectations for a student’s behavior in art class are no different from the expectations of their classroom teachers in school. With your assistance, we can provide a positive, productive, safe and fun experience that your child will treasure.



                     Class Rules


                 Respect other students, teachers, property, and self
                 Speak kindly to others
                 Use your inside voice
                 Stay in your own work space without disturbing others
                 No cell phone use during class

All guidance techniques are designed to prevent difficult situations from occurring. Inappropriate behavior is addressed through compassionate redirection and limiting choices. Each situation offers a chance for a teachable moment. However, if the student does not respond favorably after repeated redirection, parental help may be needed. If working with the student and parents fails to improve the student’s behavior, KidArt reserves the right to dismiss the child from class, temporarily or permanently. No refunds will be given.


Please be advised that in order to best teach your child we do not answer the telephone or check voicemail during class time. Please call in advance about carpool changes. If you need to speak with us at length please do not do so during drop off or pick up. We need to focus on your children’s safety and cannot give you our undivided attention. Call us or send us an e-mail (214- 750-7118 or

We would appreciate any information in writing about learning differences, special needs, self- esteem, emotional issues or food allergies that would help us teach your child most effectively.
This information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

If your child is having a problem with their Kid Art experience please let us know as soon as possible. We are always striving to grow and improve.

Additional Policies

Only enrolled students may attend classes. Visitors are not permitted.

Make-ups are not permitted. We will see that your child’s project is modified and completed.

All students must be restroom independent. 

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