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Join KiD ART owner and moderator Tori Pendergrass, along with local early childhood experts Kelly Shoup and Meredith Griswold for a panel discussion. The complete program is designed to be delivered in two parts, however you are welcome to attend only one session.



6705 Hillcrest Ave

Between Milton & Rosedale

10:30 am - 12pm




Kelly Shoup is an expert in helping kids build skills for success in play, school, self-care, and relationships. She is a pediatric occupational ther-apist with over 20 years of experience. She is a mother of three and raises therapy pups to become service dogs. She’s a coach for parents and kids to find solutions for the success unique to their child and family.


Meredith Griswold is a co-founder of KG Private Educators and passionate about empowering students to be innovative and creative learners. As an early child-hood professional, she believes success is achieved from personalized, one-on-one instruction at the pre-operational stage of brain growth (2-5-years old).




Thank you for your e-ticket purchase! Simply check in upon arrival, your name will be at the door. E-ticket purchases are non-refundable. Please consider the date before purchasing.

April 26th Only - Kelly Shoup & Meredith Griswold

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