About Us



Founded in 1994, Kid Art Dallas has been in continuous operation serving thousands of Dallas' young artists. Our classes are kept small to give your child more individual attention. 

We teach the skills required to draw, paint, sculpt, and work in mixed and 3D media, 
but along the way we also teach art appreciation and history, socialization, focus, and communication skills. 

The owner Tori Webb Pendergrass and founder, Vicki Thompson-Alberts, are proud that so many of our students come back year after year. We hope you'll join us to make this the best year yet!

Our Teaching Philosophy: Our goal is to give your child the opportunity to realize their potential as a creative human being in a safe, supportive, and FUN environment.
We offer art experiences that encourage cognitive development and creative thinking, maintaining balance between structured approaches and individual self-expression.

We make art while also teaching art appreciation, history, and culture in order to develop their sensory and global awareness. Your child will develop and improve their fine motor skills while learning about specific media and techniques.

We guarantee that their life and yours will be enriched while building self-confidence and self esteem.

The Benefits of Art Education:
Research shows the benefits of art

extend to other subjects and areas of a child's life - inside and outside the classroom.

Develops imagination
Develops fine motor skills
Develops critical thinking
Refines cognitive and creative skills
Strengthens problem solving & strategic thinking
Improves academic achievement
Develops life skills of observation and thoughtfulness
Builds self confidence
Encourages social and team building skills
Facilitates understanding and analytical thought
Enhances communication